Gift ideas: Give families the gift of experiences

The holidays are a time for family celebrations that we all enjoy. It is customary for this to be a season of presenting unique gifting . But I’m going to take a risk here and argue that a lot of us have too much stuff in a society where a book that advocates getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring you perfect joy is still a great seller.

Is there too much stuff? This year, consider giving unusual gift experiences rather than gifts. By giving the gift of experiences, you can make it a holiday with less packaging and more memories. Instead of gifts, consider these personal and family Christmas ideas.

Consider providing experiences as gifts rather than adding to the glut of material possessions. Or, to make a truly wonderful event even better, give modest, related presents.

– Establish a custom. A glass jar should have some lovely paper inside. Attach a tag telling family members to record one thing they appreciate about each day, then read the entries aloud around the holidays.

– Pay attention. The entire family will be enthralled by these incredible audio recordings. I wholeheartedly endorse Jim Weiss’ work as well as Odds Bodkin’s adaptation of The Odyssey.

– Say “cheese.” How many families do you know that occasionally discuss getting their picture taken as a family? Give them a gift certificate so they can document their family for posterity and make someday come true.

– Get a cow. To eradicate hunger and poverty, Heifer International works. They assist in providing a means for people to feed their families and make a living by giving animals to people in underprivileged places. Encourage a family to give by giving them a predetermined sum of money and asking them to pick how to divide it up. Everyone will be able to take part in doing good during the Christmas season thanks to the experience.

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