Preparation for Ayahuasca Ceremony

You feel compelled to deal with ayahuasca since it is a revered and powerful plant medicine. Furthermore, you must have complete knowledge of ayahuasca preparation. To find out more, go to

In the months and, particularly, the two weeks before the wedding, it is essential to simplify your diet as much as possible.

Get rid of processed foods, dyes, and preservatives.
Skip the sweet, savory, and spicy foods.
Eliminate all meat and other animal products.
Substances that are addictive, such as alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs, must be eliminated.

It’s likely that you must go to the retreat facility if you’re participating in an ayahuasca retreat for your ceremony. Most retreat centers will allow you to settle in and recover for a day or two before the ceremony because travel can be stressful on your body due to jet lag, travel dehydration, bad airport cuisine, and lowered immune response.

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